Shamira Lalji
My name is Shamira Lalji and I have been a dental hygienist since 1998. I studied at the University of Alberta and graduated with a biological science degree in 1996 and then became a registered dental hygienist in 1998. Presently, I am a full time dental hygienist working at Sparkling Smile Dental Hygiene Care. I currently have a casual dental hygienist working with me.

My office manager is my husband Zainull Lalji who has supported me throughout when opening up this practice.

Independent Hygiene: What are the benefits of seeing an independent dental hygienist?
  • More personalized care, information and knowledge
  • High quality of care
  • The waiting time is minimal
  • Cost-effictive
  • Convienient
  • Understanding that hygienists are professionals.
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I am passionate about my work that I do. Oral Hygiene has always been an important part of my life and I like to motivate people towards better Oral Health Care

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